French country decor

2023 Affordable French Country Beds

In this blog post, you’ll discover how to decorate a French country bedroom, but we will mainly focus on its central element: the bed.

Actually, I’ll show you the top 2023 affordable french country beds.

Copper Cookware from France – The Guide

In the 1700s, the culinary story of France began to develop.

So French craftsmen started to make high-quality copper cookware to meet the requirements.

And now, even today, the greatest French chefs mainly use copper pans to cook their gourmet dishes.

But among all the choices available, how do YOU choose the pan best suited to your needs?

All the answers are in this guide.

You’ll learn what is the best copper cookware from France, where to buy it, how to clean copper pans, but also how to decorate with copper in kitchens.

French Farmhouse Decor – The Ultimate Guide

French farmhouse is an authentic, simple, and warm decorating style. Its four main characteristics are natural materials with a strong presence of wood, vintage furniture and decor, neutral hues, and practical and functional rooms. Let’s see all this in detail.

French Provincial Decor – The Ultimate Guide

The French Provincial style has always been very popular, in France and abroad.

But do you really know what this style is?

I am often asked this kind of question:

  • Is French provincial decor the same as French country?

  • How can you tell if furniture is French provincial?

  • What is and what is not considered French provincial?

Let’s see.

The 15 Best French Country Decor Books You Should Buy Now

If you’re a French country design lover, chances are your shelves always have room for another book!

This collection of French decor books is filled with more than enough tips and tricks to inject French authenticity into your home.

French Provincial Furniture & Decor

I have provided a direct affiliate link wherever possible, at no added cost to you, so that you can easily shop and decorate.                         I write a complete guide about the French Provincial style.

French Country Home Style Ultimate Guide (by a French Girl)

Did you already dream of a home that makes you feel you’re in France?

If so, you may already have heard about French country home style.

But what do you need to decorate your home like the French?

Is it the colors? Or is it the materials? Or maybe it’s the furniture?

Yes, yes and yes – It’s all of that and more.

Let’s start this French country guide!

French country decorating ideas on a budget

Ever wanted to decorate but felt like you didn’t have enough money?

Whether you’re transitioning from a style you don’t love anymore to a new one, or want to decorate from scratch, decorating on a budget can be a challenge.

But it can also be very rewarding.

Let me show you 10 ways to easily update your home on a budget.

The 45 best gift ideas for French lovers or Francophiles

Are your friends and family already starting to ask you what would like as Christmas gifts?

You’re not alone…

That’s why I gathered for you the 45 best French gifts you can ask for Christmas.

I promise you there’s something for everyone.

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