Vintage French copper jam pan


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♥ DESCRIPTION: Hammered French copper jam basin, exceptionally thick and heavy, featuring triply riveted cast iron handles. Perfect for crafting delicious homemade jams. Many 19th-century cookbooks recommended these copper basins with riveted cast iron handles, particularly for red fruit jams. The copper actually promotes the setting of jams, preserves the natural color of the fruits which do not brown, and transmits heat very well in a uniform manner, allowing homogeneous cooking. This lovely pan will be a beautiful addition to a French country or farmhouse kitchen style! ♥ DIMENSIONS: 15.8″ x 5″ (Diameter without handles x Height) ♥ WEIGHT: 7.9 lbs ♥ CONDITION: It presents two or three dents (please closely inspect the photos), as well as small stains and micro-scratches. ♥ NOTES: Slightly rounded bottom, it may not flat on electric coils.

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