French country Christmas: 13 vintage centerpieces ideas

As I repeat over and over, vintage is absolutely necessary to give a French country look to your decoration.

And this is also the case for the Christmas table decor.

We can display some antique ironstone dinnerware, old linen or family silverware.

But if you have none of that, or want to be even more original with a unique French country table decor, here are 13 vintage country Christmas centerpieces ideas to steal.

All you have to do is filled these beauties with pine cones, greenery, Christmas ornaments or even a tiny Christmas tree!

I have provided a direct paid link wherever possible, at no added cost to you, so that you can easily shop and decorate.

1. A vintage champagne bucket

Picture the elegance of a vintage champagne bucket gracing your Christmas table.
Its ornate design and patina tell stories of celebrations past.
Fill it with glistening ornaments, pine cones, or fragrant greenery for a centerpiece that captures the essence of a vintage country Christmas.
french country christmas vintage champagne bucket
french country christmas vintage champagne bucket

2. Vintage lanterns

Old lanterns exude rustic charm and warmth.

Imagine them aglow with the soft flicker of candlelight amidst your holiday feast.

Pair them with evergreen sprigs and crimson berries to create a nostalgic focal point that beckons memories of yesteryears.

french country christmas vintage lanterns

3. An antique wooden bowl

A vintage wooden bowl brings a touch of natural simplicity to your table.

Adorn it with pine boughs, cinnamon sticks, and miniature vintage ornaments.

The result? A centerpiece that radiates the cozy, heartwarming vibes of a vintage country Christmas.

french country christmas wooden bowl
french country wood bowl

4. A vintage fruitbowl

An antique fruit bowl adds an unexpected twist to your holiday decor.

Fill it with seasonal fruits like apples, pears, or clementines.

Nestle amidst the fruits some delicate glass ornaments or pinecones.

It’s a fresh take on vintage Christmas charm.

french country fruit bowl

5. Old silverware

Transform antique silverware containers into captivating Christmas centerpieces.

Fill them with delicate ornaments, pine sprigs, and holly for a vintage country Christmas centerpiece that’s both classic and charming.

The silver luster of these containers beautifully complements the vibrant reds and greens of the season.

french country christmas silverware centerpiece
french country christmas silverware centerpiece

6. A vintage demijohn bottle

A vintage demijohn bottle is a statement piece in itself.

Its aged glass and classic shape evoke the romance of bygone eras.

Fill it with fairy lights, artificial snow, or even a small Christmas tree.

It’s a vintage country Christmas centerpiece that captures the imagination.

french country christmas demijohn bottle
french country christmas demijohn bottle

7. An antique ironstone dish

An ironstone dish is an ideal canvas for a vintage country Christmas centerpiece.

Picture delicate white roses nestled amidst eucalyptus leaves and other greenery in this classic dish.

The soft white of the ironstone provides a pure backdrop for the natural beauty of the blooms and foliage, evoking the serene charm of a French country garden.

french country christmas ironstone dish

8. A silver tray and a cloche with French vintage items inside

Combine the opulence of a vintage silver tray with the intrigue of a cloche.

Arrange French vintage items beneath the cloche, like aged figurines or Eiffel Towers.

Place it atop the silver tray for a centerpiece that sparks conversations.

french country christmas cloche
french country christmas cloche

9. Antique transferware dinnerware

Vintage transferware dinnerware tells stories of past gatherings.

Layer these beautiful plates and bowls, mixing and matching patterns for a nostalgic feel.

A sprinkle of pine needles and cranberries completes the vintage country Christmas tableau.

french country transferware

10. Antique iron planters

Repurpose vintage iron planters into stunning centerpieces.

Fill them with mini Christmas trees, flowers, or bundles of cinnamon sticks.

The contrast of rustic iron against festive elements adds depth to your holiday table.

french country iron planter
french country iron planter

11. Vintage candle holders

Vintage candle holders exude an aura of refinement.

Line them down the center of your table, each holding a glowing taper.

Surround them with seasonal greens and small trinkets for a vintage-inspired Christmas display.

french country candle holders
french country candle holders
Vibeke Design

12. A French Copper Piece

Polished copper pieces add a warm metallic glow to your table.

Incorporate copper champagne buckets, trays, or bowls into your centerpiece.

Arrange them with pinecones and delicate vintage baubles for a touch of timeless allure.

french country christmas copper bowl

13. A Vintage wooden box

A vintage wooden box exudes rustic charm.

Fill it with an assortment of ornaments, greenery, and perhaps a miniature sleigh.

This centerpiece celebrates the simplicity of a vintage country Christmas.

french country wood box christmas centerpiece
french country wood box christmas centerpiece

With these vintage country Christmas centerpiece ideas, you’ll infuse your holiday table with nostalgia and style.

Which one speaks to your heart?

The choice is yours, and the possibilities are as endless as your holiday spirit.

Still need ideas to decorate your home for Christmas? Check my post 23 simple and elegant ideas for a perfect French country Christmas 🎄


3 thoughts on “French country Christmas: 13 vintage centerpieces ideas”

  1. Beautiful and practical ideas, no need to go buy expensive items. You put them together beautifully. Thank you!

    1. Agree 100%. It’s cozy, charming, elegant, simple, very cost effective, and can easily transition to “winter” decor by removing ornaments and red sprigs if used.

  2. Thank you, I loved all the inspiring ideas, finding something you already have and jooshing it ip!

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