Fall in Love with the Timeless Beauty of French Country Cottage Decor

Today, I’m taking you with me to the French country cottage style.

For those who knew me, you know that I’m French and really into the French country style in general.

On my blog, I’ve talked on different occasions about French country provincial, French country farmhouse, and French country château styles.

The only one left was the French country cottage style.

With its charm, authenticity, and coziness, French country cottage interiors certainly have good reasons to be talked about.

Let’s explore this together.

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Exploring French Country Cottage Interiors

french country cottage decor

Remember, a cottage is a small house, often with a rural or rustic style, associated with a simple and comfortable life.

The term ‘cottage’ is characteristic of the United Kingdom but has since been adopted worldwide.


Cottages are often found in rural or picturesque settings, but the term can also generally describe modestly sized homes with particular charm.

Okay, but what exactly characterizes French country cottage interiors?

These dwellings typically evoke a warm, welcoming atmosphere, characterized by features like exposed beams, natural materials, and cozy decor.

This style draws its inspiration from country life.

Here are some key characteristics of the cottage style:

Size and simplicity

Cottages are generally modest in size, emphasizing simplicity and functionality.

They are designed to create a cozy and intimate ambiance.

Natural materials

The frequent use of natural materials such as wood, stone, and linen is common.

These elements add a rustic and authentic touch to the space.

Soothing colors

Color palettes tend to be soft and soothing, often inspired by nature.

Shades of white, beige, and pastel hues are commonly used to create a serene atmosphere.

Comfortable furniture

Furniture is chosen for its comfort and practicality.

You’ll often find upholstered pieces, plush sofas, and welcoming chairs.

french country cottage living room

Relaxed decoration

The decorative approach is relaxed and unpretentious.

The focus is on simple accessories, soft textiles, and decorative elements that evoke country living.

Vintage elements

Cottages often incorporate vintage elements, whether inherited furniture, flea market finds, or objects that tell a story.

Indoor and Outdoor Gardening

The connection with nature is important in the cottage style.

Indoor gardens with houseplants and picturesque outdoor gardens contribute to the bucolic ambiance.

french country cottage decor
french country cottage decor

Does this remind you of the French farmhouse style?

You wouldn’t be wrong.

French country cottage and French country farmhouse styles share many similarities.

I’d say French country cottages are often associated with smaller homes nestled in natural settings and characterized by more charm and romance than farmhouse houses.

Farmhouse homes, on the other hand, draw inspiration from traditional French farms. They tend to be a bit more spacious and focus on functionality.

French Cottage Style: My Decor Picks

Ready to infuse your space with the irresistible charm of French Cottage Style?

Wondering where to find the best furniture and accessories to achieve that cozy, rustic look?

Look no further! I’ve got you covered.

Let’s dive in and discover the essentials together!

Tour a Real French Country Cottage House

What better way to get a feel for the French country cottage style than to take a tour of a real, authentic French country cottage house.

This house was for sale a while back, located 100 km southwest of Paris.

Are you coming along?

french country cottage house kitchen

The entry into this lovely house is through the kitchen, traditional and functional, adorned with exposed wooden beams and a floor of ancient tile.

The dining table stands at the center of the room, and you can just imagine the delicious meals served there.

french country cottage house living room

The adjacent room, with its large brick fireplace, serves as a small living and dining room.

The owner’s appreciation for plants and dried flowers brings the place to life.

Numerous frames and mirrors brighten the walls.


Although the room is predominantly light and white, all these details add warmth and welcome.

The long hallway then leads to a first bedroom, elongated in design.

Beams and terracotta tiles are still present, with pink and green dominating, adding a touch of femininity.

french country cottage house bedroom

In the second bedroom, you’ll find another brick fireplace and floral wallpaper as a baseboard.

A lovely idea to brighten the room without overwhelming it!

french country cottage house bedroom

At the end of the corridor is a superb living room in beige tones and floral patterns.

Everything has been tastefully chosen: raw wood furniture, pretty floral sofa covers, linen cushions, romantic paintings, and a stunning chandelier.

Here, too, the baseboard color contrasts with the white wall, adding warmth.

The shower room is small but well-arranged. Plants and flowers abound!

Beauty and wellness products, usually hidden in a harmonious bathroom, add life to the space without detracting from its beauty.

french country cottage house bathroom

French country cottages often have attics, sometimes converted into bedrooms or playrooms.

Here, fabrics almost entirely decorate the room: rugs, curtains, duvet covers, throws, cushions…

french country cottage house attics

As we conclude this tour, I wonder, if you had visited this house for sale, would you have been tempted to buy it? Feel free to respond in the comments at the end of the article!

French Country Cottage Exteriors

The main features

In the gardens of a French country cottage, it often feels more like a forest or a wild place than the court of Versailles.

The outdoor atmosphere is typically bucolic, with lush vegetation.

Nature takes its course, and while it’s maintained, it’s allowed to take center stage.

These are places that invite peace and romance.

french country cottage garden

Regarding the facade of the houses, there are a few classic features that make most French country cottage houses stand out.

I’m talking about timeless elements like steep, hipped roofs and stone walls that evoke a sense of quaint charm.

Shutters, oh the shutters! They’re not just for show; they add a touch of authenticity and that picture-perfect French flair.

And let’s not forget about those welcoming porches – a spot to sip your morning coffee while soaking in the serenity.

french country cottage porch
french country cottage porch

But the heart of French country cottage exteriors is, of course, the garden!

Selecting Plants for French Country Cottage Gardens

In the realm of French Country Cottage gardens, the plant selection plays a pivotal role in defining the overall aesthetic.

Common choices include hardy perennials such as lavender, rosemary, and hydrangeas.

These plant selections not only thrive in the French climate but also contribute to the low-maintenance appeal of these gardens.

french country cottage garden

Emphasizing local flora aligns the garden with its natural surroundings, promoting sustainability and reducing the need for excessive care.

So, when planning your garden, consider these resilient and regionally suited plants to cultivate an authentic French Country Cottage outdoor space.

Designing Pathways and Alleys in French Country Cottage Gardens

The layout of pathways and alleys in French Country Cottage exteriors is a blend of functionality and aesthetic appeal.

Typically composed of materials like gravel, stone, or weathered bricks, these trails serve as practical routes through the garden.

french country cottage alley
french country cottage alley

More than mere walkways, they contribute to the overall design, guiding visitors through various sections of the outdoor space.

The emphasis is on simplicity, with a focus on easy navigation and minimal maintenance.


Crafting these pathways requires thoughtful consideration of the cottage’s surroundings, ensuring a seamless integration with the garden’s natural elements.

In essence, the design of these trails is driven by practicality, adding a structured yet elegant dimension to the French Country Cottage exterior.

Interested in diving deeper into garden decor?

Check out my article ‘How to Achieve a Breathtaking French Country Garden‘ where I share even more tips and ideas to help you cultivate a garden that’s as charming and inviting as your cottage!

Embracing the timeless beauty of French country cottage decor allows you to create a cozy haven that feels like a vacation all year round.

The rustic elegance, soft colors, and vintage-inspired elements come together to create a warm and inviting atmosphere that exudes charm and sophistication.

So, if you live in a small house or one with small rooms and you really love that French touch, then the French country cottage style!

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