The Practical Guide to French Country Shutters for Your Exterior

Have you ever admired the charming facades of houses in France and Europe?

There’s something captivating about the unique architectural features that grace these buildings.

One of the most enchanting elements you’ll often find on these facades is the presence of beautiful shutters.

As a Frenchwoman who grew up with them adorning my family home, I can’t help but admire the touch of character they add to any house.


In France, almost every countryside house boasts these charming wooden or metal shutters, and they hold a special place in our hearts.

french country shutters
french country shutters

It’s not just about aesthetics.

They are a part of our daily life; we can’t imagine our homes without them.

Beyond their beauty, French shutters serve a practical purpose too.

They grant us a sense of privacy, protect us from the blazing sun during hot summer days, and create a cozy and intimate atmosphere inside.

I have fond memories of waking up to the gentle rays of sunlight filtered through the shutters, casting a warm glow in my bedroom.

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I. French country shutters exterior: enhance your home’s facade

Adding these delightful shutters to your own home is like giving it a touch of French magic!

No matter the style of your house, be it rustic or modern, shutters effortlessly blend in and enhance the overall charm.


Karen from Los Angeles adorned her entire house with beautiful shutters.

Take a look at the stunning before and after transformation:


It’s a beautiful transformation that will make you fall in love with your home all over again.

Here are some more examples:


Don’t you see how they effortlessly elevate the whole look?

It’s like adding a dash of French chicness that magically changes the vibe.


I’ve discovered this wonderful boutique that offers top-quality shutters, and they come at very affordable prices (based in the U.S). They even have an array of colors and dimensions to choose from, so you’re sure to find the perfect match for your home.

I particularly love the ones above.

If you need some guidance or have questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to them. Their team is friendly and knowledgeable, always ready to assist you.


Wayfair also have shutters that look great:

II. How to Choose your French Country shutters?

French Shutter material

First off, prefer solid wood shutters. 

These ones boast fantastic quality and have that timeless durability.

If you don’t have the budget for it, then opt for high-quality PVC or vinyl instead.

French Shutter panels

Next, decide whether you want one or two panels. 

For a small window, one panel does the trick. 

If you’ve got a medium-sized window, well, that’s up to you. It depends on whether the shutter serves a real purpose or is just there to flaunt its decorative prowess. 

Also, consider the space on either side of the wall – sometimes a window can be squeezed in by another window, a post, or something else.

French Shutter dimensions

Alright, but sometimes there are too many dimensions available. 

Which one should you go for?

Shutters should be a perfect match for your window’s shape and size.


To figure this out, grab a tape measure and find out the height and width of your window. Based on these numbers, pick shutters slightly smaller than the total width and height of your window for a smooth operation.

The goal is to have shutters that fit snugly without stealing the show from your window.


Even if your shutters are just for show, it’s better if they look authentic. That means they should be roughly the same width and height as your windows when put together. 

So try to size your shutters to fit well alongside your windows.

You don’t have to deck out every window with shutters. 

Maybe just one side of your house or only the lower floor works for you.


Also, check that the color vibes with your home and the surrounding decor. 

In France, we fancy shutters in somewhat different colors, but we lean towards soft and faded shades. 

I particularly love the colors ‘Moss Green,’ ‘Peaceful Blue,’ and ‘Colorful Leaves’ for this type of shutter.

Occasionally, it’s even better to go for raw, rustic wood. It really depends on the look of your home and its surroundings.

III. Is French Shutters Installation Complicated?

Worried about the installation process?

Installing French shutters doesn’t have to be a head-scratching ordeal.


In fact, many modern shutter systems are designed with user-friendly installation in mind.

Most packages come with detailed step-by-step instructions that even those with minimal DIY experience can follow.

Common tools like a chisel hammer, hinges, screws, and a level are typically all you need.

IV. Enhancing the Overall Look

Sometimes, shutters stand out on their own, and other times, it’s worth considering a little extra to complete the look.


How about adding charming flower-filled window boxes with geraniums?

It’s a classic French touch that guarantees a 100% dreamy atmosphere.

You can also frame your windows with elegant curtains or drapes.

Opt for fabrics that align with your French country design aesthetic – light, flowing materials in soft colors can add sophistication and warmth to the overall look.

Yes, even from the outside.

french country window with curtains
french country window with curtains

Typically, shutters come with a variety of accompanying hardware.

Choose handles, locks, and hinges that not only function well but also contribute to the overall aesthetic.

These particular ones are quite delightful.

shutter hardware

For a French provincial look, lean towards wrought iron accents.

This could include decorative ironwork around the windows or even wrought iron shutters for an authentic and timeless appeal.

provincial shutters

Adding shutters to your home is truly a plus that can make a difference.

However, there are plenty of other ways to infuse the charm and personality characteristic of older French homes into a new house.

Curious to explore more? Join my exclusive tour of 3 authentic French houses, where I share valuable tips. It’s a unique way to immerse yourself in the essence of French living!

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