how to create a Cohesive Home with French Farmhouse Lavender Decor

Do you love the scent of lavender?

I do! Actually, this enchanting herb holds a special place in French culture and has been cherished for centuries.

provence lavender fields

These are the lavender fields that one can see along the roads of Provence in the summer.

Stunning, isnt’ it?


French lavender embodies the spirit of French living—effortless, elegant, and always with a touch of nature.

If you’re dreaming of bringing the enchanting allure of French lavender into your home, making it a part of your daily living and decor, then you’re in the perfect spot.


Today, I’ll share tips and inspirations on how you can infuse your home decor with French lavender.

Ready to dive in?

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I. French farmhouse lavender decor

In French country design, the emphasis is on creating spaces that feel cozy, welcoming, and effortlessly elegant.

Lavender plays a pivotal role in achieving this aesthetic, serving as a bridge between the indoors and the natural beauty of the French landscape.


Incorporating French lavender into home decor can take many forms.

It might appear in the soft hues of textiles, the patterns of wallpaper, or the delicate arrangements of dried flowers!

french farmhouse lavender decor

Color-wise, lavender offers a versatile palette that complements the French country style’s preference for soft, muted tones.

Its range, from pale lilac to deep purple, works harmoniously with the whites, creams, soft yellows, and sage greens that typically dominate this aesthetic.


Lavender accents can breathe life into neutral spaces without overwhelming the space.

II. Lavender bathroom decor

The bathroom emerges as an ideal canvas for lavender decor, effortlessly transforming it with just a few simple touches.

It’s surprisingly easy and quick to bring this vision to life.

Scatter a few well-chosen accessories, select bathroom linens in harmonious lavender shades, and there you have it – a space that whispers tranquility.

Indeed, luxurious towels, bath mats, and shower curtains in lavender shades or patterns are easy yet impactful ways to incorporate this theme.

Think of wall art depicting lavender fields, vintage lavender bottles, or a vase with fresh or dried lavender stems.

These accents can serve as focal points, adding visual interest and reinforcing the room’s overall theme.

french farmhouse lavender bathroom

Utilize storage solutions that complement the lavender theme while keeping the space tidy and functional.

Wicker baskets, ceramic containers, or glass jars with lavender detailing can hold toiletries and essentials, blending practicality with decor.

For those looking to truly embrace the lavender theme, why not take the transformation further?

Adorning your walls with lavender-patterned tiles or wallpaper tailored for damp environments can significantly enhance the atmosphere!

III. Lavender decor for bedroom

The lavender theme is equally perfect for bedrooms, embodying a spirit of relaxation.

The first step in creating a lavender-themed bedroom is selecting the right shade of lavender for your walls or accents.

Soft, muted lavender works beautifully to create a soothing ambiance.

french farmhouse lavender accents
french farmhouse lavender decor in bedroom

The bed is the centerpiece of the bedroom, and it offers a perfect canvas for lavender decor.

Opt for bedding in lavender hues or patterns.

Complement your bedding with throw pillows and blankets in varying shades of purple, white, and cream for a layered look.

Decorate your walls with art that reflects the lavender theme, such as prints of lavender fields, botanical illustrations, or Provençal landscapes.


Finally, personalize your lavender-themed bedroom with decorative accents.

Vintage lavender-filled jars, a rustic bedside table with Provencal accents, or a delicate lavender wreath can add character and charm.

IV. Lavender kitchen accessories

Lavender, with its delightful color, can transform a kitchen from merely functional to a cozy and inviting place where cooking feels like less of a chore and more of a pleasure!

french farmhouse lavender decor

Begin by considering the overall color scheme.

Lavender accents can pop beautifully against neutral backgrounds such as white, cream, or soft gray.

Consider painting a feature wall in a light lavender hue or using lavender tiles as a backsplash to introduce color without overwhelming the space.

These touches can make the kitchen feel brighter and more open, echoing the light-drenched kitchens of Provence.

french farmhouse lavender kitchen

Incorporate lavender through textiles and linens is also an easy and effective decor update.

Lavender-patterned tablecloths, tea towels, and aprons can add a splash of color and pattern to the kitchen.

Utensil holders, spice racks, or storage jars adorned with lavender motifs can add a decorative touch while keeping essentials organized.


A vase of fresh or dried lavender on the countertop not only looks beautiful but also fills the space with its calming scent.

french farmhouse lavender kitchen

And consider hanging framed prints of lavender fields or botanical illustrations to complete the look.

V. Lavender living room decor

Bringing lavender into the living room is an exquisite way to introduce the calm and sophistication of French country living into your home.


The journey to a lavender-inspired living room begins with color.

Consider a soft lavender hue for an accent wall to create a focal point that’s both subtle and striking.

This can be complemented by neutral tones such as whites, creams, and soft grays on the other walls to maintain a light and airy feel.


For those who prefer a less permanent option, large canvas prints of lavender fields or abstract art featuring lavender tones can achieve a similar effect.

french farmhouse lavender decor in living room

Incorporate lavender into your living room through furniture and upholstery.

A plush sofa or armchairs in soft lavender fabric can serve as comfortable and chic seating options.


For a more understated approach, consider lavender throw pillows or blankets on neutral furniture.

These accents can add a pop of color and texture, enhancing the room’s overall aesthetic without overwhelming it.

A well-chosen rug or set of curtains can tie the entire room together.

Opt for rugs with lavender accents or patterns that complement the room’s color scheme.


Curtains in light lavender or with lavender floral prints can filter natural light beautifully, casting a warm and welcoming glow throughout the space.

Personalize your living room with decorative accessories that reflect the lavender theme.

Vases filled with fresh or dried lavender, scented candles, and decorative plates or bowls in lavender hues can add charm and character.

Books with lavender-colored spines or picture frames can subtly reinforce the theme while adding a personal touch to the space.

french farmhouse lavender living room

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