Fall Back in Time: Vintage Fall Decor Picks you’ll love

Are you ready to infuse a touch of vintage charm into your autumn decor?

This time of year offers a wonderful opportunity to embrace nostalgia and celebrate the timeless beauty of days gone by.


In this article, we won’t just talk about vintage fall decor – I’ll show you stunning visual examples.

I’ve handpicked a delightful array of vintage-inspired decorations and provided links to articles where you can recreate the looks in your own home.

I have provided a direct affiliate link wherever possible, at no added cost to you, so that you can easily shop and decorate.

A Nostalgic Display for fall


A vintage wooden frame, adorned with the cherished words ‘But I think I love fall most of all,’ sets the tone for this autumn tableau. Weathered wooden pumpkins and delicate dried leaves evoke the timeless charm of the season.

An elegant Autumn Front porch

This front porch is dressed in the hues of autumn, with vibrant orange pumpkins gracing the steps and a whimsical metal pumpkin sign. Pops of red and orange from the flower pots complement a captivating autumn bouquet, hung above a welcoming wicker chair.


A Rustic Vintage Fall Table decor


This rustic wooden table, set against a weathered backdrop with an autumn wreath, features two substantial amber glass bottles and a stack of cozy checkered throws, evoking warm, nostalgic dining vibes.

Wood tones and cozy neutrals

This charming vintage wooden fireplace is adorned with antique frames and portraits, complemented by rustic wooden candleholders. At its base, an overflowing wooden crate brims with pristine white pumpkins, adding a touch of nostalgic elegance to the decor.


Elegant Blue Barn Door and Natural Simplicity


In front of a striking blue barn door, an antique wooden stool supports a magnificent, oversized natural autumn wreath. Beside the stool, a collection of orange and white pumpkins adds a charming touch to this vintage-inspired porch decor.

Wicker and Pumpkins Complement

An old fireplace adorned with a garland of autumn leaves serves as a charming backdrop for a display of adorable wicker pumpkins. Adjacent to the fireplace, a wicker chair draped with a red checkered throw invites you to snuggle up amidst a scattering of wicker pumpkins.


Expand Your Vintage Fall decor Shopping List...

I hope you’ve found inspiration to bring a touch of vintage to your home this autumn.

By the way, if you’re passionate about vintage decor, let me tell you I have an online shop where you can discover even more treasures to adorn your space.

Oh and don’t forget to explore my other articles on fall decor for additional ideas and inspiration.


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