antique french blue stoneware soup tureen


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A gorgeous French soup tureen in “terre de fonte”. It shows a lovely printed decor based on cobalt (blue). That’s why we called these kind of pieces “bleus de Saint-Uze”, but this one is not signed. The ceramics of Saint-Uze is the current name of a type of ceramic which was produced in several villages of the Drôme (South East of France), from the beginning of the 19th century and during the 20th century. These wonderful pieces mark the transition from a purely utilitarian production to a more decorative production meeting growing demand. These are the most frequently collected pieces. ♥ Dimensions: 6 2/3 x 7 1/2” /// 17 x 19 cm (Height with lid x Diameter without handles) ♥ Weight: 3.4 lbs /// 1.55 kg ♥ State: very good condition for its age, this tureen was kept carefully by his previous owner. It shows patina and wear with two superficial “cracks”, as we can expect from a piece like this.

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