2024 Affordable French Country Beds

Elegant and comfortable, the French Country style is a great choice for a bedroom.

Today we will mainly focus on its central element: the bed.

Actually, I’ll show you the top 2024 affordable french country beds.



But first how do you create such a cozy atmosphere in your bedroom?

  • Soft colors

  • Furniture with natural materials

  • And vintage decoration

That’s all you need.

So choose neutral colors like white, grey, taupe, linen and add a few touches of green or lavender for example!

Then will come the selection of the French country bedroom furniture.

What do you find in a French bedroom most of the time?

An old family cupboard, sometimes a dressing table, a wooden bedside table or two, and the centerpiece: the bed.

You should always start by choosing your bed.

It’s the most important element of your bedroom due to its size and function.


I have provided a direct paid link wherever possible so that you can easily shop and decorate.

The best French country beds for 2024

As a French girl, here is my selection.

1. French cane bed

One of the best choices you can make for your french country bedroom is to choose a French cane bed.

This is a piece that will never go out of style.

This one is particularly beautiful with its hand-carved details and handwoven caning.

It suits the French country style in every way. It could be perfect as much for a French provincial bedroom as for a French chateau one.

It was created in the style of Louis XVI, with straight lines and classic ornamentation like this top floral wreath.

It is available in 4 colors but I have a preference for the “French linen”.


If you want a French cane bed, but couldn’t afford these ones above, you’ll find cheaper versions here and here, with rave reviews about them.

They are two great choices at lower prices.

2. French country bed

This French country bed is one of my favorites.

Simple but gorgeous.

Its distressed gray finish will go with almost anything, and its rounded shapes give it a lot of charm.

If you look at the reviews, you can see pictures of the bed in real bedrooms.

It’s a safe bet and it’s currently on sale.

3. Provencal french bed frame

If you want a romantic French bed frame reminiscent of Provence (South of France), then this one will be perfect!

It features an ornate headboard made from solid wood showing distressed details and beautiful curves.

It’s also one of the cheapest beds I’ve found.

And it’s rated 4.6/5 (from over 170 reviews) so if you like its look, just go for it!

4. French bed king

In general, the beds I selected for you are available in double, queen, and king sizes, but it may not be always the case.

So this one is available in king, and it’s simply gorgeous.

It shows a very French rococo look, inspired by Louis XV’s design, but the fact that it’s painted white modernizes it and makes it not corny at all!

It’s made of acacia wood and is of great quality.

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5. French bed antique

As you probably know, the French love vintage furniture.

So there are a lot of french country bedrooms that show an antique French bed.

This one is a real favorite. I love everything: from its color to its details through its very particular shape. I can guarantee you won’t find an equivalent in a store:

I really like these antique French beds too, in quite different styles:

It’s less easy to find the size you want, but if you are flexible and don’t necessarily want a queen or king size, then I’m sure you’ll quickly find what you are looking for.

If you choose a vintage bed, your room will be unique and authentically French for sure!

I could show you more and more of these beds, but the best thing to do is to go and have a look, because all these antique beds are unique pieces and it’s possible that those above will no longer be available at the time you read this post. 

So head over here, type “French beds” into the search bar and you’ll be spoiled for choice, I promise!

6. Farmhouse French style bed

This French style bed has less rounded curves than the others and would be particularly suitable for a French farmhouse style.

It’s also very convenient as its footboard is actually a storage bench with plenty of space inside, what a nice surprise! It would make a statement in your bedroom because it is quite imposing.

7. French bed upholstered

If you want a bed that you can’t wait to get into at the end of your day because it looks so comfortable, choose a French bed upholstered.

This one is particularly beautiful, with carved wood and molding details.

In another style, I also found this elegant French upholstered bed. A must have if you love a romantic decor!

8. French bed queen

A great wooden classic French bed, the kind found in French farmhouses decades ago.

Simple and rustic as we like them.

It’s reminiscent of the Louis Philippe design.

Unfortunately for some, it’s only available in queen size.

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