French Country Living Room: 37 Terrific Ideas

You want to add French country to your living room, right?

You know you need to change a few things. But you don’t know what exactly.

First thing first: you need to know what makes an authentic rustic French country living room.

Here are 37 ideas to make you feel like you’re in France while in your own living room.

I have provided a direct affiliate link wherever possible so that you can easily shop and decorate.

French country living room atmosphere

1. A balance between comfort and elegance

In your French country living room, the best thing to do is to add soft textures like linen and cotton. They both are a bit rustic but chic.

elegant french country living room

2. Natural and rustic materials

Then, choose natural materials like wood, cotton, linen, brick, and metal.

They will bring authenticity to your room.

authentic french living room

3. French country patterns

French patterns are really important to give your living room this French flair you love.

Mix stripes, checks and toile de Jouy for example. And choose no more than 2 pattern colors.

stripestoile de jouychecks

4. Less is more

I see a lot of overloaded home interiors on Facebook or Instagram.

There isn’t a single empty square meter.

Furniture and objects are everywhere. And often in a very dark room.

I myself tend to put too much in my decor because there are some items I don’t want to put aside.

But you really have to unclutter a maximum.

That way, the rest of your furniture and decor will only come out more.

french living room

5. A decor aged with love

Look at this repurposed pram from Marian of Miss Mustard Seed. It has just the perfect distressed look!

When you paint a piece of furniture, imperfection and patina are key (that make painting a lot easier, believe me!). So don’t be afraid to distress your piece of furniture on the corners and edges.

repurposed pram

6. Vintage and French antiques

As in all rooms of the house, French vintage and antiques are required in a living room.

If you want to know which decor & accessories choose for an authentic French country home, this post will help.


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Vintage French decorative serving tray


Set of 8 French books Classic Larousse


Vintage rectangular serving tray with handles


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vintage pop up sale banner

French country wall

7. Neutral paint colors

This rustic French country living room is the perfect example of a great neutral colors use.

Full of white, beige, gray and wood.

neutral french country living room

white paintbeige painttaupe painanthracite paint

8. Stone or brick

If you want to make a huge difference in your home decor, choose a stone wall. It will add texture and authenticity. Some imitation wallpaper do exist. Just choose a real looking one.

A brick wall can be a good option too.

stone wall living room

9. Wallpaper

A French country wallpaper can help define a zone in your living room, like an office space.

It can also enlarge it visually.

Here are my favorite French country wallpapers to use in a rustic living room (you can all find them on Amazon):

stone wallpaperleaves wallpaperparquet wallpaperbricks wallpaper

10. Wooden exposed ceiling beams

These rustic exposed beams make this French living room absolutely stunning. If you’re not afraid of major renovation work, know that there are fake ceiling beams.

exposed ceiling beams living room

French country floor

11. A wooden floor

Remove that awful carpet, dust niche. Replace it with a wooden floor. So welcoming!

This is definitely the floor I prefer.

If you can’t afford a real parquet, choose a fake one. Classic or herringbone pattern… but having a herringbone parquet is a must in France 😉

wooden floor living room

12. Tiles

When we don’t have the chance to got a parquet, we may have tiles. Is it your case? Don’t worry. That’s mine too. And it can also be gorgeous! Look at this one…

living room with tiles

While you’re here, I’ve got an exciting adventure lined up just for you!

How about taking a virtual tour of three stunning real French Country homes?

I’ll be right there with you, sharing tips on how to infuse this charming style into your own space.

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French country living room furniture

13. Sofa

Choosing a basic sofa with a linen cover is simple but effective.

You can also opt for a gorgeous Louis XV sofa or a French cane settee. But this 2nd one may be smaller and really less comfortable.

linen cover sofa

Louis XV sofa

The 4 best French Country sofas on Amazon

french beige sofafrench setteefrench wood sofasimple french sofa

14. Chairs

An old destroyed armchair will add charm and rusticity to your French country living room. Look for one in a flea market or second hand shop.

distroyed chair

15. Coffee table

You can choose a classic coffee table in wood or play the card of originality by repurposing a trunk, a wooden case, etc.

classical coffee table

original coffee table

16. Tv stand

Did you notice than we won’t see a lot of Tv’s on Pinterest home decor pictures?

You can hide it inside a furniture or be comfortable to show it on a console table in wood or wrought iron.

hidden tv inside furniture

17. Bookshelf

Do you have a large living room? Why not add an old bookshelf? You’ll display some books of course, but also some frames or collectibles.

old bookshelf

French country fireplace

18. A mantel

A beautiful fireplace is the central point of a French country living room. In brick or in wood.

You can also choose a fake mantel.

brick mantel

stone mantelwood mantelshelves mantelwhite marble mantel

19. Accessorize it

Your fireplace deserves to be decorate. Candle holders. Sconces. Mirrors… Possibilities are infinite, right?

accessorized fireplace mantel




Antique French hand held mirror


Wall Italian bronze sconce with two arms


Bronze and glass French sconce


20. A vintage log holder

If you have a real fireplace, you need a log holder. A big rattan basket or a copper log holder will absolutely do the trick!

Our log holder

Our log holder

French country lighting

21. Antique chandelier

If you think a chandelier is the ultimate French light to have, you’ll be right.

Choose an antique one as fake vintage chandeliers can be really poorly done and cheap looking.

Adjust the size of the chandelier according to the ceiling height and your living room size.

french chandelier

22. A French hanging lamp

A chandelier is an excellent choice… But this is not the only one that can be done.

A beautiful antique hanging lamp can also enhance your room.

antique lantern

23. Floor lamp

In a French country home, we like to have several light sources. Why not add an extra floor lamp in your living room?

french floor lamp

Dominique Restauracion

French country living room decor

24. Throw pillows

I absolutely love throw pillows, especially those with stripes, toile and/or French writings. What about you?

striped throw pillows

toile pillows

French red striped cushion cover - SET of 2


french pillowtoile pillow

25. Curtains

I’ll tell you. Linen curtains are the best choice. No matter what (but, yeah, cotton can be good too).

linen curtains

26. A rug

A rug will allow a cohesive look between your sofa, your coffee table and your chairs. Plus, this will add sensation of warm and comfort.

Choose it in jute, wool, or cotton. But always keep in mind the neutral French country color palette.

french country rug

27. Coffee table decor

Display some vintage items on your table decor. Give free rein to your imagination and create a beautiful vintage vignette.

coffee table decor

coffee table decor basket


Vintage pink opaline medici vase and candy box


Vintage French decorative serving tray


Set of 6 French books Classic Larousse


28. Antique baskets

Wicker and rattan baskets are decorative accents which I couldn’t do without. They add so much warmth to a room.

I know many of you love French market baskets. Am I wrong? They look so great when filled with fresh fruits and vegetables!

Wire baskets are also nice, but maybe more for the garden or the kitchen.

antique baskets

29. Planters in pottery, ceramic, or copper

 If you love plants, then you need planters, right? To get a French country look, choose those in pottery, ceramic, iron or copper.

french country planters

Want to buy a French planter? Get one here.

30. Old books

If you don’t have enough space for a bookshelf, still display some old French books here and there in your living room. Look how Courtney from French country cottage did.

old books display

Set of 6 French books Classic Larousse


Set of 8 French books Classic Larousse


31. A plaid

Put a plaid in your sofa. It will be your best friend for the long winter evenings.

plaid on sofa

French country wall decor

32. A big clock or Mora clock

A repainted Mora clock is a gorgeous find. I don’t have one but I love them. Their finesse make them very elegant.

Failing to have a Mora clock? Choose a big wall clock with a vintage style, like ours.

mora clock

Our living room clock

Our living room clock

33. Vintage mirror

Golden vintage mirrors are the perfect wall accents to use for a French country living room.

Favor a big ornate one. Fake vintage mirrors can do the trick too, and you’ll find them easily.

antique golden mirror

You’ll find beautiful French antique mirrors here.

Antique French hand held mirror


Vintage decorative mirror in wrought iron


Antique wall mirror oval


34. Old frames (portraits, paintings)

In France, we’ve always loved wall art. In the past, portraits of family members were hung on the wall, in more or less expensive frames, depending on the family social class.

We could also find lovely countryside paintings, representing villages houses, pastures, or even forests.

old frames

35. An old door, shutter or window

To add texture to your living room’s wall, an old door, rustic shutter or window could be perfect. The more weathered, the better (yes, that’s my motto!).

Our old shutter

Our old shutter


36. Plants

A big plant like this one will bring nature in your living room and make the difference.

big plant in living room

37. Flowers

“Flowers are like friends; They bring color to your world.”

There’re no limits when it comes to plants and flowers. Put as many as you want!

flowers in living room


DON’T KNOW WHERE TO FIND AUTHENTIC FRENCH PIECES? You’ll find everything you need just here!

my french vintage shop small banner

french country living room pinterest pin 1
french country living room pinterest pin 2

28 thoughts on “French Country Living Room: 37 Terrific Ideas”

    1. Mathilde Boudard

      Thank you very much, Denise! I really appreciate your comment!
      New posts will be published soon 🙂
      Amitiés from France,

  1. I Love Love everything I saw here on your website. It has confirmed my decorating style. I am about to move to a new home and these ideas are going to come with me.

    1. Mathilde Boudard

      Thanks a lot Marcia! I started my blog not long ago and comments like yours make me very grateful.
      I wish you lots of fun decorating your new home!
      A bientôt j’espère !

  2. Stephanie Moad

    Absolutely beautiful! I just moved into a new home and cannot wait to decorate every room French Country! It will probably not look anywhere near as great as these!

    1. Mathilde Boudard

      Thank you for your comment Stephanie! You can absolutely do this 🙂 If you need some help, please contact me.

  3. debbie balli

    I have 2 buffalo checked accent chair and black furniture {armoire and side buffet}. I have seen some stagging with that but not to my liking, have any suggestions?

    1. Mathilde Boudard

      Bonjour Debbie,

      To be honest, I don’t really like buffalo checks, we don’t have much of this pattern in France. And I prefer anthracite furniture to black furniture. But if you send me an email, I’ll reply to you with some inspirational French country photos incorporating buffalo chairs and/or black armoire – side buffet. (I don’t have your email address as you commented as a guest I supposed! Here’s mine: [email protected]).

      Take care.

  4. Patricia Velazquez

    It has just been a couple of years that I have been decorating, adding mirrors, clocks, small groups of items throughout my apartment, and I thought my style of decorating was eclectic when all along it was pointing towards the french country but I did not realize it. I really enjoyed your blog, very informative, thank you Pattyv.

    1. Thank you so much for your kind comment!
      The French really like the eclectism too, and this reflects in their decoration, that’s maybe why!
      A très bientôt,

  5. Sonia Dekker

    This is one of the best blog posts that I’ve seen regarding French Country style!!!! Love it. 🙏🏼 Thank you!

  6. Vonda K Barnhart

    Where can I find the second blue striped sofa on the living room section #13 blog? Love it!

    1. Mathilde from Brocante Ma Jolie

      I love it too!! So beautiful, but I don’t know where it comes from, I’m sorry Vonda.
      I think I will write soon an article on the best French country furniture to choose and where to buy them (I will put sofas there, and I will do research to find one similar to this one). I’ll let you know when it will be online!
      Mathilde from Brocante Ma Jolie

  7. I love how informative everything about this blog is. Thank you for writing this one. It truly helped me understand the French Country Style.

  8. Love all the ideas here! As a designer, with No.19. Taller items should always go on the left. High left, low right. It is more pleasing to the eye. Thank you for all the inspiration!!

    1. Wendi Callam

      Really? It makes more sense to me on the right in this picture. Especially due to the tall tree in the left corner. It evens it out.

  9. This was exactly what I needed. I’m learning so much. Everything is here. You did a fantastic job. Thank You!

  10. I LOVE my newly redecorated/remodeled French Normandy home….used my fav shades of soft teals, pinks and whites. Re wallpapered every room, antiques, handcrafted teal mermaid tail backsplash goes beautifully with my swirled brown granite ( I knew the white /gray kitchen would die out ), almond wraparound cabinets with pink/gold/ivory pulls, blush velvet stools/chairs/oversized floral teal Anthro sofa in large kitchen. I drape velvet and lace on white shades, tucked jeweled trinkets for children to find, sprinkle Makenzie reindeer all over. Romantic, elegant and whimsical…SO ME! Apparently, I am a Maximalist.

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