Decorating with vintage French decor

Did you already step into a French countryside’s home? Then, you may have found yourself captivated by an array of mismatched treasures.

Welcoming, unpretentious and very livable, French country style loves to add antiques that have history and meaning.

Actually, we really think vintage adds charm to any home.

And while we love unique finds, there are a few common denominators in the decor of our French countryside.

So if you ever feel lost when it comes to choose and find authentic French vintage decor & accessories, you’ll better read this post till the end!

1. Furniture

French country furniture has simple but refined lines, worn wood and paint chipped to perfection.

french furniture french green furniture


The French focus on the utilitarian, so the pieces should be functional and comfortable.

But beauty can coexist happily in sturdy, timeless pieces.

Think of the antique china cabinet with its display case at the top, closet at the bottom, and a beautiful patina on the wood. Simple, functional, but also a stunning centrepiece.

china cabinet


2. Lighting

Using vintage French lighting in your home creates a link to a time when everything was created with care about each detail.

crystal chandelier crystal sconce


But don’t make your house a palace of a thousand and one tassels. A single chandelier (or two) is enough for the whole house (prefer the living room or the bathroom). Then, put a few wall sconces in your bedroom or in the hallway.

You can also add more simplicity with a table or floor lamp in wood with a linen lampshade for example!

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Wall Italian bronze sconce with two arms
Bronze and glass French sconce
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3. Textiles

French vintage linens add the right touch of rustic and country that I love so much.

Antique pieces are beautiful and precious but they were made to be sturdy, so please don’t be afraid to use them!

french linen


french vintage linen

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Antique French towels hand embroidered set of 9
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Set of 5 antique French towels
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4. Kitchenware

Kitchen is often the favorite room in the house among the French. We love to sit and enjoy lovingly prepared meals with our family and friends.

And we like simple and practical kitchenware which shows charm like ironstone dishes, copper cookware or pottery.

french kitchenware

You can’t even imagine how many different types of French country kitchen antiques you can collect!

And as they’ve been used in the past, these old treasures often show a little chip here and there, or a crack. That’s what make them unique and will give personnality to your home (I can resist when an ironstone piece that shows a well-worn patina!).


I absolutely love ironstone! I think that’s my favorite dinnerware.

The flaws tell its story and increase its beauty, especially this so charming discoloration!

You can look for soup tureens, sauce boats, pitchers, bowls or less common pieces!

ironstone collection


Transferware also mixes beautifully with French country interiors.

I tend to favor floral and geometrical patterns more than elaborate scenes.

transferware plates


It’s surprising how easily a kitchen can transform with just a few copper elements.

There are so many lovely old pieces, that can either be flat displayed or wall hanged.

This adds to the decoration possibilities. And that’s why copper has become one of my favorite kitchenware!

copper collection



I believe that no object evokes Provence better than their glazed pottery, with a yellow, green or blue enamel part.

These pots are just beautiful and obviously fit in perfectly with the French country style.

But we can also find more classic terracotta pots just as charming and perhaps easier to integrate into the decoration because of their neutral colors.

provence pottery


I’m less drawn to silverware, but it’s part of the array we like to have here in France.

french silverware

french cutlery

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Set of 4 vintage copper roasting pans

Sale Price:$785.00 Original Price:$875.00



Set of 3 vintage French copper baking pans


Vintage French engraved cake serving set

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5. Accessories & Accent Decor

While new accessories can sometimes offer a flair, vintage ones do it without even trying.

Even adding just one or two statement vintage pieces, like a stack of old books surrounded by a pretty lace or a few porcelain door knobs, can instantly give a French country feel to any home.

Old Wood Decor

Think about wooden architectural salvage, bowls, crates, bread boards, sculptures…

You can look for chippy paint and patina.

old wood

Metal accessories

There are so many metal accessories you can get for a French country look: lanterns, candle holders, sculptures, balance scales, planters, wire baskets, trays… The list is endless!

Don’t worry if they show some flaws or rust, that’s part of their story.

lanterns metal

metal candle holders

Rattan / Wicker accessories

The basket, an undying object! It has been around for hundreds of years.

For a French country look, favor old rattan sneakers or straw market bags. They’ll add a rustic touch to your home, while remaining elegant.

rustic baskets

Iron accessories

I LOVE antique iron pieces.

The French like iron in the form of planters, antique balance scales, architectural salvage, sculptures…

iron decor


Small antique French Medicis planter in cast iron

Quick View

Vintage French 3 arm candelabra in bronze

Quick View

Set of 2 antique French wicker baskets

Quick View

6. Wall Art

Whether it’s a mirror or an oil portrait frame, almost everything in a French country home has an aged look that adds history and charm to the space.

The French like to hang antique mirrors, oil paitings, or old portraits on their walls. To be honest, we don’t necessarily like to put pictures of our face on the walls (I don’t!). We prefer to show art, collections or one of a kind pieces.

The most creative also like to highlight single frames within which they can let their imaginations run wild!

frame with old keys

frame decor

That’s not hard to decorate your home with French wall art. A few pieces are enough. You just need the right frames in the right place.

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Antique bronze Louis XV photo frame

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Vintage French countryside oil painting – Landscape


Vintage French signed oil painting

Quick View

7. Repurpose and reuse

The French like to reuse objects, even damaged or incomplete, to do something else. It’s a nice way to stand out. Here’s some ideas:

  • Salvage the cloche from a cheese dish to showcase small items or flowers.

  • Add herbs, plants or flowers in your vintage canisters

  • Put old distressed doors behind your bed to create an headboard.

  • Use an old bottle holder found in a wine cellar to display bottles but also tea cups, ball of string, bouquets, or whatever you want.

Possibilities are endless!

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