French Country Kitchen Decor: 23 Effective Tips You Need to Know

Do you want a French country kitchen decor but feeling overwhelmed by all the decorating advice on the web?

Perhaps, you’ve spent time on Pinterest searching for the perfect French kitchen. And you’ve subscribed to the most popular decorating blogs.

But still …

It’s hard to know where to start, right?

You’re not alone. One of the most often asked questions is: “What does a French country kitchen look like?”

I live in the French countryside, I can help you. Let me give you the 23 more effective tips you need to know.

Normandie Tourisme

Colors of a French country kitchen decor

Colors are the basics. If you don’t have the right color palette, you’ll never get an authentic French country kitchen.

1. Neutral palette

Use a lot of neutral colors like white, cream, beige, linen, gray, taupe, chocolate or anthracite.

I gathered the best neutral paint colors to use here.


2. Faded colors

Faded and chalked colors are perfect for accent decor. Check my French country color post to know which ones to choose.

Carol Glasser Interiors my-favorite-french-country-colors2.jpg

3. Copper accessories bring brightness

Copper is the number one essential of a French country kitchen decor.

If you don’t have copper accessories, you’re missing something!


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French country kitchen floors

The floor is as important as the colors. If you renovate your house, you’ll have the chance to choose your kitchen floor. These 2 would be perfect:

4. French country kitchen tiles

Terra cotta tiles are a great choice.



5. Wood floor

Parquet will warm your French country kitchen.


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French country kitchen furniture

Kitchen furniture is not hard to choose in a French country home. Remember that a French kitchen is often furnished with these 4 furniture pieces:

6. French country dining table

A big old wooden table is a must.


7. French country dining chairs

You can mix and match your seating with wood chairs, stool and/or bench.

Décor de Provence

8. French country kitchen cabinets

If you have dark wood kitchen cabinets, repaint them in a light neutral color if you can.

Replace knobs can also easily change the look of your kitchen.

Jurnal de design interior

9. Distressed furniture

Choose antique furniture, worn out by time.


French country kitchen accessories

Kitchen accessories will make the difference. They’ll make your kitchen unique, especially if you choose old ones.

10. Vintage and French antiques

I can’t say it enough. French antiques and vintage items are absolutely necessary in your French country kitchen decor. You can find authentic French vintage pieces right here.

French country kitchen lighting

Lighting can be a game changer.

We do have about ten led spots on our kitchen ceiling. So you hardly see them. They’re practical as they light the whole room uniformly. But I’m sure our kitchen would be so much prettier with a big hanging lamp.

Here are the 2 lamp types I wish I could have in our kitchen:

11. A French country kitchen chandelier

A chandelier will bring elegance to your kitchen. Choose a simple one, with or without crystal.

Mustard Seed

12. Hanging lantern

For a more authentic kitchen, opt for an old hanging lantern in metal or wood.

Decor de Provence

French country fabrics

Fabrics add texture and warmth.

Choose them at the end of your decorating processus, so they can match your kitchen walls and furniture.

13. French country kitchen curtains

Choose curtains in cotton or linen, in a French country solid color, or with stripes, checks or toile de Jouy print.

Curtains instead of closet doors is gorgeous.

Country Living

14. French kitchen towels

Take advantage of the towels to add some color and prints to your French country kitchen decor.

This is the thyme

15. French country kitchen rugs

A rug is optional but can cover the floor or define a space like your eating area.

Scene Therapy

French country dinnerware

I’m in love with antique dinnerware. I particularly like when they have this beige patina, reminding us they have been there for decades… I mean, they spent years in other kitchens. They’re the witness of time passing, right?

16. White dinnerware

White and beige dinnerware is a safe bet. Just display them in a shelf and superimpose them.

Boxwood Avenue


17. Colored transferware

I absolutely love transferware, especially blue and green one. Choose no more than 1 or 2 colors to display.

Vibeke Design


French country kitchen wall decor

In our kitchen, we don’t have much empty space on the wall, as we have a lot of cabinets and shelfs. Is it your case too? I’m sure you’ll still find a place for any of these pieces:

18. Vintage kitchen clock

Every kitchen needs a clock, right? In addition to giving the time (which isn’t bad…), it dresses the wall elegantly with its rounded lines.

Our clock

Our clock

19. French kitchen words

Use French words rather than English. Everywhere you can. Jam jars, canisters, kitchen signs…



20. French paintings

You can add 1 or 2 oil paintings of still life or French countryside landscapes.

Heather Bullard

21. French country kitchen wallpaper

A small section of wall can be covered by a French country wallpaper. Check this post to choose the right French country prints.

Greenery & flowers

I like my home look likes a jungle. I absolutely love nature and like to be surrounded by green. I can’t get enough. They add life but can also purify the air and bring calm.

22. Flowers

Fill the room with flowers and opt for copper or white ceramic vases for a French country look.

Vibeke Design

23. Plants

Plants will add some green and clean up your kitchen.

Vibeke Design


• What does a French country kitchen look like ?

A French country kitchen is a rustic and inviting space with neutral and faded colors. The floor is made of tiles or parquet. Now, imagine a big old wooden table in the center, a linen table runner on it, and ironstone plates. Vizualise the hanging copper pans on the wall, and the striped cotton valances. Voilà. You’re in a French country kitchen.

• What makes a French country kitchen ?

A French country kitchen is bright with light neutral colors, and rustic with distressed wood furniture like an old table. Vintage pieces are essential : use antique dinnerware, copper cookware, embroidered kitchen towels… Finish the look with fresh or dried flowers as a centerpiece.

• How do I paint my kitchen cabinets to look French country ?

If you have dark wood kitchen cabinets, repainted them with bright neutral colors like white, beige or light gray. If you want to add colors, think about a faded green or blue, but not in a total look. Changing the knobs can also help you to make your kitchen cabinets look French country.

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7 thoughts on “French Country Kitchen Decor: 23 Effective Tips You Need to Know”

  1. Thank you for the wonderful information on french country!
    Can ou suggest your favorite brands and colors of whites and light greys to use on doors, trim and walls?

  2. Salut! This has been so helpful. I am about to renovate my kitchen and have picked the cream cabinets but wasn’t sure what direction to go with the overall design. My love for all things French has won and your blog has been inspirational. Merci bien!

    1. Mathilde Boudard

      Merci beaucoup for your kind words, Debbie! I’m glad! 🙂


  3. Maha Whitfield

    Great ideas! You make it look so simple and beautiful! I live in Cairo Egypt, trying to change the feel of my kitchen. Country French it is!

  4. Paula Schechter

    Great advice and photos to support your message. I have a 3’x5’ kitchen window. What are your thoughts on making it a bay window with glass shelves for growing pots of herbs? I envision not a rounded bay window but one that is rectangle in shape like the window. Thoughts, please?

    1. Your idea of creating a bay window with glass shelves for growing herbs is a great one and aligns perfectly with the French Country style. It’s an excellent choice to enhance the charm of your kitchen with this style!

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