10 Easy Steps for a French Country Christmas Decor

Christmas holds a special place in our hearts, whether we’re in the heart of a bustling city or nestled in the peaceful countryside of France.

Here, we cherish the tradition of gathering family and friends in our beloved “maison de famille” for festive meals and cherished moments.

And what could be more important during this joyous season than crafting a warm and inviting ambiance?

That was precisely my goal when I embarked on decorating my home this year. 

I yearned for a Christmas decor that exudes friendliness and welcomes my entire family with open arms.

So, are you ready to embark on a journey through the 10 simple steps to create the perfect French country Christmas decor?

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1. Find your color coding

To achieve the enchanting French country Christmas look, consider embracing a palette of soothing and neutral hues. Think whites that evoke the purity of newly fallen snow, gentle linen tones that radiate warmth, and the subtle elegance of browns.


To add a touch of sophistication, consider accents in silver or champagne tones.

While neutral tones set the stage, it’s also delightful to introduce a dash of color.

However, in the spirit of French country simplicity, keep it to two or three colors at most.


This year, I personally opted for a classic combination of blue, a symbol of tranquility, intertwined with the vibrant greens and rich reds of nature, showcasing the lush beauty of boxwood and fragrant fir leaves in my decor.

Now, let’s explore some trending color combinations for Christmas 2024 that blend beautifully together and elevate your festive decor to a new level:

2. Bring nature

natural french country christmas

This step is all about infusing your French country Christmas decor with the breathtaking beauty of the natural world.

Nature is the heart and soul of the French countryside, and it should play a starring role in your holiday decor.

Start by incorporating abundant greenery.

Think lush fir branches, fragrant pine, and the delicate elegance of eucalyptus. These elements bring freshness and a sense of the outdoors to your indoor festivities.

Then you can add:

  • Pine Cones Galore: Pine cones are a quintessential element of a rustic Christmas decor. They can be scattered artfully throughout your space. Place them on tabletops, nestle them into wreaths, or use them to adorn your mantel.
  • Winter Berries and Botanical Beauty: For a burst of color, consider incorporating winter berries. These vibrant red or white accents evoke the spirit of the season. Additionally, you can introduce botanical elements like holly, ivy, and mistletoe for a touch of timeless elegance.
  • Greenery Garlands and Wreaths: Don’t hesitate to drape greenery garlands along staircases, banisters, and mantels. Wreaths, too, can be placed on doors, windows, and even used as charming table centerpieces.

3. Don't try too hard

French don’t like over the top and huge displays, so keep a clean and simple aesthetic.

No need to overload the decor, we like to put the focus on our antique furniture and decor.

Simply decorate the most important rooms of your house, and the focus points like the fireplace, the imposing furniture and the table.

french country christmas decor
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4. Keep it classic

Bet on classics that are very decorative, such as a big Christmas tree, stockings, candlesticks, a door wreath…

Personally, I asked my dad to make us large linen stockings (I’ve never touched a sewing machine, so I’m glad to have a couturier in the family!). I think they‘re lovely and really make a difference.

I also added a very simple wreath to our door, which is homemade as well.

french country christmas stockings

5. But add a touch of originality

Consider putting a little personality in your Christmas decor, whether it’s through the colors or the decoration itself.

Do you have a collection dear to your heart?

Why not display it forward under a bell in the center of your table?

Or divert a champagne bucket as a small tree holder.

Possibilities are endless…

Personally, I am a fan of driftwood, and I decided 3 years ago to replace the classic and bulky Christmas tree with a wall hanging driftwood tree. Each piece was picked up from a different location and reminds me of my travel memories!

wall driftwood christmas tree

6. Think functional

Want a French Christmas? Why not embrace the lifestyle with it?

We love all that is practical and liveable.


Say goodbye to all the decorative Christmas cushions that no longer even let you sit on your sofa.

Out with the trees in all rooms that obstruct traffic and require cleaning every day.

And the 1001 candles to light on every evening? Stop it.


The important thing at Christmas is to enjoy a good time with your family, and for that, your home must be decorated with functionality and simplicity.

For our dinner table, I left room on the sides for the serving dishes, as we like to serve us again without having to leave the table (and the conversation ongoing).

french country christmas table setting
Want French Christmas centerpieces ideas? You’ll find 13 beautiful and easy ones here.

7. Use mismatching

Remember to mismatch your plates and / or glasses, whether by pattern or color (while keeping your color coding in mind).

If done right, your table will only be prettier!


Here, I used old tableware from different French pottery works with blue patterns each more beautiful than the next. The result is harmonious but unique, isn’t it?

Here’s a super helpful post on how to set a Christmas table like the French (in 9 easy steps).

french country christmas tablescape

8. Bring elegance

In general, when I talk about French country style with my readers, the first thing that comes to mind is the word “elegant”.


For me, the French country look comes down even better to “elegant simplicity”.

And at Christmas, I like to give it with a touch of crystal, whether it’s glasses, a chandelier or candle holders. The important thing is always not to overdo it.

french elegant glasses

9. Play with light

Light is a key part of the Christmas mood.

You can turn a room from cold to warm with just a few candles and garlands.

I advise you to add them at the very end of your decoration.

On your tree of course, but also on the table, the fireplace… And why not on the steps of your staircase?!

french country christmas lighting

10. Vintage, vintage, vintage...

What would Christmas be without vintage? Certainly not a French country Christmas!

Vintage and antique pieces are very important in giving your home this look, and Christmas is no exception.


So remember to take out your old crockery and silverware that you can repurpose endlessly (a fruit bowl as a centerpiece, a silver pot as a Christmas balls holder and so on).

But also add vintage candlesticks, antique wooden boxes, old sledge, lanterns, ice skates…

french vintage christmas decor

Voilà, you have all the keys to create a welcoming French country decor for this Christmas 2024.

But if you need more, you can also find inspiration with these 7 French Christmas decor to copy, learn how to set the perfect French country tablescape, and find ideas for the perfect Christmas centerpiece.

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