French Country Christmas Decorating Ideas – 7 home decors to copy!

Christmas is coming. I bet you want a cozy and welcoming home for your loved ones, right?

Then what’s best than a French country Christmas look?

Simple but elegant.

But it’s hard to determine which color coding to choose, and especially what decor to buy…

This is why I take you with me for a tour of 7 lovely houses. They will give you plenty of French country Christmas decorating ideas for your own home!

French country Christmas: 13 vintage centerpieces ideas

As I repeat over and over, vintage is absolutely necessary to give a French country look to your decoration.

And this is also the case for the Christmas table decor.

We can display some antique ironstone dinnerware, old linen or family silverware.

But if you have none of that, or want to be even more original with a unique French country table decor, here are 13 vintage country Christmas centerpieces ideas to steal.

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